Rogers Park Mural Project "Next to each other"



Progress as of end of 2010 November



The original proposal: There are three structural layers within the mural.

window reflection

-One element is the reflection we see in the windows of the stores. The main element is a rendition of the BP pedestrian bridge from Chicago’s Millennium Park stretching across large part of the mural, symbolically connecting other architectural elements, representing how Chicago is a place of many cultures. The floating structures are inspired by some of the characteristic forms from around the world. This would be one opportunity for the public to request what architectural elements to be included.



-The second part of the mural is the strip of the storefronts, and the street itself. Here again public can request a favorite spot included as one of the storefronts.



-The third layer of the mural is the people represented on the street. (this rendition of siluetted people looks a bit funny, I admit) I gathered a number of characters from my paintings; I feel well represent everyday people. I have a number of other works, which could be incorporated in the mural again based on public participation.

All suggestion will be taken as inspiration to create an appealing and familiar scene. By taking suggestions my intention is open the door for public opinion, most popular and structurally sensible choices will be favored.

I will also welcome valunteers to participate in painting, there are some steps require no skill at all, and some a lot. So if you like to be part of the project please feel free to contact me 773 469 7201, or